Month: December 2014

Atlantic Romanesque

Vertiginous cliffs, the rock folded and crushed; the distant groans of white water. The north coast of Cornwall is a land apart from the sub-tropical south. Tucked into the slope of a steep-sided valley or combe and only a field or two from a sheer drop into the Atlantic stands the church of St Morwenna, home to some of Cornwall’s finest Romanesque sculpture. (more…)

Forgotten Stones and Lost Fragments

It’s a bright winter’s day on the south coast of Cornwall. Sunlight dazzles on windows and windscreens.  The coast path rises through a straggle of trees; behind them I can see the St Austell river forming a wide loop across the beach before it reaches the mirror-like sea. I’m here to find the source of one of Cornwall’s best carving stones, the fine-grained, straw-coloured igneous rock that takes its name from the village far below: Pentewan. (more…)