Beakheads is a blog about medieval sculpture. Beakheads are medieval carvings: heads with beaks or snouts, of human, animal or indeterminate form, found around twelfth-century doorways or windows. A repeated motif, but each one individual, never fully replicated.

Beakheads started out as a blog purely about Romanesque sculpture, hence the name, but now includes  all medieval sculpture, contemporary sculpture relevant to architectural stone carving, the use of stone in urban and rural landscapes, the landscapes themselves, book reviews and related topics.

I’m Alex Woodcock, a writer and stonecarver with a background in archaeology. I was a cathedral stonemason for six years (at Exeter) and before that wrote my PhD thesis on medieval architectural sculpture in the south of England.

More details about my work in both stone and book form can be found at: www.alex-woodcock.com


Top: Beakheads at Shebbear, Devon, c.1180s (Photo: Alex Woodcock).

Below: Me at Poltesco Serpentine Works, Cornwall, c.2014 (Photo: Jay Armstrong).


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