For the book I’m currently writing on the Romanesque sculpture of the southwest of Engand I’m drawing inspiration from antiquarians of a hundred years ago, particularly with regard to illustrations.

In 1909 Edmund Sedding published Norman Architecture in Cornwall, a gazetteer of sites in the county containing Romanesque carved work, illustrated by numerous sketches as well as black and white photographs. At the turn of the century taking good quality photographs of sculpture in often inaccessible churches was no doubt a costly and difficult exercise (Sedding writes often of climbing long hills or fording streams in order to get to some of them) so the ability to draw would have been crucial.

Today, drawing is no longer a necessary requirement. Yet it can be rewarding in getting your eye into the texture of the work and might be considered a research method in itself, so for this book I’m trying to do as many as possible. The aim is to make some of them available as prints when the book is published. Until then I will upload them onto this page as they are completed.

2014-11-06 18.31.41    2014-11-13 16.16.10

The piscina at Ruan Minor, Cornwall.               Nave arcade, Morwenstow, Cornwall.

2014-11-30 14.12.01      2015-03-18 08.17.46

South door at Cury, Cornwall.                           The font at Honeychurch, Devon.


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